Saturday, July 08, 2006

Art meme - try this one...

Having trawled other blogs, not really finding what I was looking for meme-wise, I thought I would start one here... I did find one that offered a sketch by the author for each post written, thereby spreading art (the 'poster' would then offer the same on their blog etc etc etc).
I have randomly selected a photo and taken a small portion of it, and have called it 'Refusal' (I know - sorry!).

What I would like you to do is the following:
1) Save this photo - or the latest post of it - to your 'pooter.
2) Open it up in any image program such as Photoshop.
3) CHANGE IT! - do whatever you like to it - add stuff, mess with colours, textures etc - and be as subtle or as extreme as you like!
4) Post it on your own blog, with the same instructions, and PLEASE post it back here for people to view and/or change again.

Simple as that! have fun - can't wait to see the results...


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